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12:29 pm RapidDeploy-Community Support #3643: Job plan fails when Rollback version package does not contain new target
Hi Vadim,
That's a good question. So, regarding rollback pipeline in job plan, the idea is revert changes. You can...
10:43 am RapidDeploy-Community Support #3644: Job plan project item settings reset automatically
Hi Vadim,
I will investigate further, frankly, we are actually using the latest version in our demo site and I nev...


03:31 pm RapidDeploy-Community Bug #3629 (Resolved): Project does not update values from dictionary resource
Hey Rafa,
I've just checked in changes for this. Could you please update your workspace and try it again.
Let m...


01:46 pm RapidDeploy-Community Bug #3624 (Marked for Closure): Question regarding Approval step


07:00 pm RapidDeploy-Community Support #3634 (Feedback): LDAP user synchronization
Hi Vadim, sorry but currently there is no way to run manually the ldap sync operation.
Anyway, there are some pro...


06:38 pm RapidDeploy-Community Feature #3598 (Marked for Closure): Some suggestions for UI improvement
Improved UX in orchestratio edition. Improved orchestration task resizing feature. Added new task resource edition di...


09:21 pm RapidDeploy-Community Feature #3598 (In Progress): Some suggestions for UI improvement
09:20 pm RapidDeploy-Community Bug #3607 (Marked for Closure): Project orchestration task panel fixation
Amended pin and unpin task details panel feature not to loose this state when a new task is selected.
Available in...


06:19 pm RapidDeploy-Community Feature #3577 (Marked for Closure): Question regarding deployment organization


04:04 pm RapidDeploy-Community Bug #3624 (Resolved): Question regarding Approval step
Hi Vadim,
I have detected a bug when a job of a live environment is requested and it has a promotion job before it...

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