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Autonomous deployment on a remote server

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Have maybe strange question regarding the deployment mechanism implementation. :) I understand that when deployment starts, remote server gets all configurations and executes actions. Question: is it (server) doing that autonomously? I mean, is it necessary to have main RD server running during the deployment process? :)

The reason I ask You this: I think about the whole system automation and control by RD. And the only thing it maybe could not manage is itself. But if target server executes the plan job without any help from the RD server, then maybe it is possible to redeploy RD server with RD server. :)

Of cause, it is possible to create a project that starts another one RD server instance (Docker does it very quickly), pushes there minimally required settings, projects, locations, etc. and starts the main server update deployment with a remote RD server help. But maybe it is possible to do that with a single server? :)

Will be waiting for Your reply.

Best regards,


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Hey Vadim,

I am afraid that current arquiteture is bssed in master - slave, at lease one RD instance should be running when any job is executed agaisnt any target. The job execution itself in tha target is autonomous but it should notify to the RD instance logging information and complete status.

Not sure if this helps to clarify your enquiry.

Let me know if you have further doubt.


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