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Project grouping in a project list

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Decided to register one more UI thing that I'd like to have. :) Strange that You don't have this still.
It could be great to have some additional attribute in a project list to group projects by. It of course can be a project group.
At this time we already have 13 projects and most of them are used for quite different things. For example, there are two projects that are just helpers for a main projects (one makes project data update, another handles additional mail sending in case of job fail). There are main projects which deploy our services we are developing, and there will be other projects that will deploy (start/restart/update) additional services like RabbitMQ, proxy, Grafana, etc. There also are one or two projects that are used as a templates for another standard projects. It could be very nice to group all those projects to an appropriate groups to make navigation more simple.
That can be already existing project groups. Or maybe some kind of custom project type. Something that could help sorting and filtering.

Please let me know what do You think about this. :)

Best regards,


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Hi Vadim,

We've discussed this internally and came back with this conclusion, you basically have 2 options to perform this with the current application:

  1. You can set a prefix for the name of the projects of a certain group so you can filter the projects by their prefix.
  2. You can use the already existing project group feature that you can use to actually group projects. Remember that if you go to the "Manage Project Groups" page you can actually see the list of the projects of a certain group, and navigate to any of them by clicking on the particular name. This is probably the filter you were actually looking for! :-)

It's funny you mention the project typing, we actually used to have different project types a long time ago, but we decided to remove this feature in order to have just one generic project type. :-)

I hope this helps, but let me know if you have any further concert regarding this topic. And please keep sending us your feedback as it is very welcome to us! :-)



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