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RHEL AWS Instance

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Assignee:AWS Support
Image:Red Hat Decision Manager Your Marketplace Account ID:0000-0000-0000
Operating System:RHEL 7.2 Marketplace:Amazon Web Services
JRE:Not Applicable Customer State:france
Instance Type:t2.large Customer Country:france



I have instantiated an RHEL VM and found out it comes with software named "Red Hat Decision Manager".
I was charged 14$ which I would like to be refunded said I do not intend or wanted to use this service. All I was looking for was a standard, basic RHEL server. Of course, I did terminate the instance which I have running for less than 2 minutes.

I appreciate your support.

Thank you


Screenshot-decision-page.png (160 KB) MidVision, 06/26/2020 10:40 am


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Hi Samba,

We do not normally provide refunds, as stated on the page when you launched the image (see below). Billing is hourly, so even if you only started the instance for a few minutes, you will be billed for 1 complete hour. A t2.large is billed at $1.84/hr which doesn't seem consistent with your bill.

However, in this case we would be able to provide you with a refund for 1 hour of use of the Red Hat Decision Server. However we would need to know your full name, address (City, state, country, postal code) and AWS account ID. We would also need to know the date and time that the instance was started, so that we can identify your specific usage.

Please email this information to

Please let us know if there is anything else we can help you with.
Best Regards,

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Thank you for the refund.
Here is the information you are asking for:
Full Name: Samba NDIAYE
27 rue Victor Hugo
60140 Liancourt FRANCE
AWS Account: 457738878798
Time instance was started: June 22, 2020 at 6:10:30 AM UTC+2 (103 hours)
Instance type: t2.2xlarge

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Hi Samba,

Our records tell us you've had the instance running for at least over an hour and not 2 minutes as you mentioned, and it was also a "t2.2xlarge" instance type instead of a "t2.large" as you initially stated.

It is important for us to have accurate information and it is also easier for you to understand your charge.

All this said, a refund request was already sent to AWS and you should receive the money any time soon! :-)

Here's the information of the request:

Your request was sent

If we have any questions, we'll send an email to the address registered to your AWS account. When the refund is issued, a confirmation email will go to both you and the customer.
Reference request ID 2bb50946-ee8f-4ed1-a5d7-75d10b29143f if you have any questions.

I hope you're happier now and maybe some day you actually decide to intentionally try one of our products in the marketplace! :-)

Please let us know when you get this refund so I can close the ticket, otherwise I'll just time it out in a few days time.

My best regards,


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