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Any Restrictions on IBM MQ Threads to process

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Image:WebSphere MQ Your Marketplace Account ID:5495-8803-3553
Operating System:RHEL 7.3 Marketplace:Amazon Web Services
JRE:v1.7 JRE/JDK 64-Bit Customer State:singapore
Instance Type:t2.large Customer Country:singapore


Hi Team,

Recently we are facing issue where our queue depths are increasing due to high transactions, but Application team claiming that their application able to consume messages but they are slow.

Would like to check is there any such restrictions on MQ side that restrict consumer threads to wait.



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Thank you for using our AMis from AWS Marketplace.
There is no restriction for MQ, but you need to remember that MQ installation we provide comes with default settings.
Performance issues can be related to many factors like incorrect size of Buffer pool, incorrect settings of log buffer etc.
Analyzing your MQ insfrastructure is not a part of the standard support I am afraid but there are many online resources which could possibly help you.

We also offer consultancy services in case you would like one of our expert to do the analysis of your IBM MQ configuration:

Mariusz Chwalek

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Hi Hasan,

We noticed there hasn't been an update to this ticket for some time. Can we consider this ticket closed from support point of view? Is this still an issue or is there anything further that we can do for you in this regard? If not we will be timing out this ticket and will be closed in a few days time. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Best regards,


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