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Queue Manager Ended preemptively

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Image:WebSphere MQ 9.1 Your Marketplace Account ID:8332-8048-3659
Operating System:RHEL 7.5 Marketplace:Amazon Web Services
JRE:v1.8 JRE/JDK 64-Bit Customer State:haryana
Instance Type:Not Applicable Customer Country:India


Dear Team,

We are using version of IBM MQ and it went down with the error message "QM ended preemptively".

We tried restart of QMGR but ended up with the same error.Also Could not find any detailed logs in QM error log.

And we are getting long running transactions error messages frequently as attached in error logs.

Kindly check and suggest us to fix the issue.



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If I understand correctly this problem started after the upgrade of the system (#3472)
Could you possibly describe exactly what happens (what steps you took to upgrade the system) so I can create a PMR with IBM with proper explanation. Hopefully IBM support will be able to help you to fix inconsistency in your shared filesystem.

Kind regards,
Mariusz Chwalek

#2 Updated by Mariusz about 1 month ago

I created a case with IBM and they ask for more information:


Please use runmqras to collect the MQ doc per -

with the command-

runmqras -qmlist UK.CLUSTER.BT1 -section defs -caseno TS003729749

along with any other information/documentation that you think might be useful.

Cheers, John

You can attach any files/documents etc to this ticket

#3 Updated by Vistara about 1 month ago

Dear Team,

Kindly provide your email id to share the logs privately, As it contains secure information in it.

And also could you please clarify, Whether our case will open to public for reading and downloading log files.

Middleware Support

#4 Updated by Vistara about 1 month ago

Dear Team,

If the answer to the above question(Public accessible) is yes, Could you please remove log file attached to it.

Thanks & Reagrds,
Middleware Support

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  • File deleted (Logs.txt)

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At the moment as you are entitled to standard support you can use shared portal (
We understand your concerns so we deleted Logs file from the ticket.
You can share any other logs/files/information sending it directly to my email, but you need to understand we accept no responsibility for any confidential data.
Read "Confidential data - Your responsibilities" section from:

You remain responsible for:

Any data and the content of any database you make available to MidVision,
The selection and implementation of procedures and controls regarding access, security, encryption, use, and transmission of data (including any personally-identifiable data).
You will not send or provide MidVision access to any personally-identifiable information, whether in data or any other form, and will be responsible for reasonable costs and other amounts that MidVision may incur relating to any such information mistakenly provided to MidVision or the loss or disclosure of such information by MidVision, including those arising out of any third party claims.

Mariusz Chwalek

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We got this message from IBM:

Is this still an issue?  We have not heard back from you on this one. 

We will keep it open one more week at which time if I have not    

heard back from you it will be temporarily closed.  You will still

have 90 days to re-open it if you need too. 

Cheers, John

Could you possibly let us know what is the status of this issue?

#9 Updated by Mariusz about 1 month ago

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As we confirmed during the last meeting, this problem has been fixed.

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