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Datapower web service ipaddress

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Image:IBM DataPower - 7.6 Your Marketplace Account ID:0000-0000-0000
Operating System:Linux Marketplace:Microsoft Azure
JRE:v1.8 JRE/JDK 64-Bit Customer State:Riyadh
Instance Type:Any Customer Country:Saudi Arabia



We have deployed a web service proxy successfully in to datapower domain. But couldn't access the service using IP address But the front side URL for the service is displayed as http://eth0_ipv4_1:11800. Please help us to configure the IP address with correct mappings.


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Hi Mohamed,

Thanks for contacting us.

Regarding to your issue, have you tried to open the port 11800? if you haven't. Yopu can do this via our provided script like:

[midvision@ ] sudo ./ 11800

How to open a port is mentioned in our documentacion page at:

Hope this helps. Let me know if there is any futher doubt.


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I forgot to mention that you also need to open the port in the Azure platform.

To do this, please go to the azure portal, then Virtual Machines, look up your DataPower VM, then Networking, there you can add any inbound port rule.

So to sum up, you need to open the port inside the VM (OS) and also outside the VM (Azure).


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Hi Mohamed,

We noticed there hasn't been an update to this ticket for some time. Can we consider this ticket closed from support point of view? Is this still an issue or is there anything further that we can do for you in this regard? If not we will be timing out this ticket and will be closed in a few days time. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Kind regards,


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