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Image spontaneously locked out the "midvision" user

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Image:WebSphere AS - ND 8.0 Your Marketplace Account ID:8155-4470-8073
Operating System:Linux Marketplace:Amazon Web Services
JRE:v1.6 JRE/JDK 64-Bit Customer State:NJ
Instance Type:m3.medium Customer Country:USA


After successfully using the image for months, it is no longer possible to log in as the "midvision" user.

midvision@ Permission denied (publickey,gssapi-keyex,gssapi-with-mic).

Logging in as "root" prompts to use "midvision".

Please login as the user "midvision" rather than the user "root".

I need some way to log into this machine.


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Hi Brendan,

Thank you for using our IBM AMIs from AWS Marketplace.
I am afraid as software providers we have no control over your ec2-instance and we will not be able to help you in this specific case as we don't have access to your instance and we cannot check what happened exactly.
I can only suggest making sure you use correct ssh key with the same name as it was used before - although I assume you already did it.
I also did some initial online investigation and it looks like it happens usually because of some changes in SSH authentication configuration.
Of course, to confirm it I suggest you contact AWS Support.
They are able to check your instance, check which ssh key is correct etc.

Kind Regards,
Mariusz Chwalek

#2 Updated by Mariusz over 1 year ago

Hi Brendan,

Although it is not our area we would like to help you as much as it is possible. We were trying to find possible causes. We can help only by giving you some suggestions.
Did you try to get more information about your ssh errors by using "-v -v" option when you use ssh command?
Also - could you possibly make sure your .pem file permission or parent directories permission was not changed?
Try to figure out what were the last changes made to your server or to your pem file. Were there any upgrades on your server?


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Hi Brendan,

We noticed there hasn't been an update to this ticket for some time. Can we consider this ticket closed from support point of view? Is this still an issue or is there anything further that we can do for you in this regard? If not we will be timing out this ticket and will be closed in a few days time. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Kind regards,


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