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unable to create transmission queue

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unable to create transmission queue


QMGR1-systemd (1012 Bytes) QMGR1-systemd Mariusz, 12/04/2020 10:07 AM
QMGR1-auto-start.service (560 Bytes) QMGR1-auto-start.service Mariusz, 12/04/2020 10:07 AM

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Thank you for using our images from Azure Marketplace.
Could you possibly be more specific when it comes to the issue you are experiencing?
What steps exactly did you take to do that. Were you able to login to the instance?
Which commands did you use?

Kind regards,
Mariusz Chwalek


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We noticed there hasn't been an update to this ticket for some time. Can we consider this ticket closed from support point of view? Is this still an issue or is there anything further that we can do for you in this regard? If not we will be timing out this ticket and will be closed in a few days time. If you have any other queries, please do not hesitate to ask us.

Mariusz Chwalek


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Reopening this ticket as the customer requested by email.
Please provide more details about the issue.


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Updated by Mariusz about 1 month ago

More info from a customer(sent by email):

Hello Mariusz,

Below are the MQ Managers and we need to auto start Queue Managers after restart VM,

We are using IBM MQ Explorer,
Also Listeners need to auto start after restart VM 
Thanks & Regards.

Vikram Patil.


Updated by Mariusz about 1 month ago


Thank you for more details.

One more thing to confirm. Is your MQ Explorer running on the same Red Hat instance as MQ installation or do you connect from MQ Explorer (as a client) to Red Hat instance?

Note that (as per IBM documentation:

" On Windows you can start a queue manager automatically when the system starts using the IBM MQ Explorer. For more information, see Administration using the IBM MQ Explorer."

When MQ installation is running on Linux you need to configure auto start for example using systemd scripts in RedHat linux.

Mariusz Chwalek


Updated by Mariusz about 1 month ago


Standard support doesn't include how-to questions but to make it easier for you to configure auto-start of Queue Managers I am sharing with you an example.
I attached two files QMGR1-systemd and QMGR1-auto-start.service. You can see a simple way to create auto-start setup for QM. In this example I assume there is a QMGR1 running on the instance.
Feel free to change the name of QM, filenames and add your specific configuration.

You will need to run commands below to activate the service:

cp QMGR1-systemd /usr/local/bin/
cp QMGR1-auto-start.service /usr/lib/systemd/system/
chmod ugo+rwx /usr/local/bin/QMGR1-systemd
systemctl daemon-reload
systemctl disable QMGR1-auto-start.service
systemctl enable QMGR1-auto-start.service


Updated by Mariusz about 1 month ago

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Let us know if you were able to setup auto start for your QM.
I am changing the ticket priority to Normal.



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I am closing the ticket as requested by email.

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