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Job plan project item settings reset automatically

Added by Vadim 4 months ago. Updated 11 days ago.

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RapidDeploy - 5.0-FIX
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RapidDeploy - 5.0-FIX
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Faced with a great problem. When configuring job plan and setting up project items (project jobs) some settings change automatically. I even should say automagically. :) I mean, I configure a job plan going from one project job to another. And finally when everything should be configured I see that some items have settings that differ from what I did. Sometimes target goes wrong, sometimes version. I cannot catch operations that lead to such results. But that really happens a lot of times. So would like to ask You to try that at Your side. I also will be trying to find out steps to reproduce that.

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firefox_QWMcHLtriK.png (88.5 KB) firefox_QWMcHLtriK.png Vadim, 10/27/2020 02:28 PM

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Hi Vadim,

I will investigate further, frankly, we are actually using the latest version in our demo site and I never had such experience like you describe. Anyway I will try to reproduce what you described.

Meanwhile, could you please give us further details? like:

- What browers/OS are you using?
- Some reproducible case, like... following some steps we can get same faults.
- Share with a us an exported job plan were we can play with, in where you have experienced those defects, please remove sensible data if you have on it.



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Hi Mariano.

I am not sure if I understood what's wrong. But seems that there is a part of a problem I described.
I noticed that if fully configured and saved job plan is edited in one place (only one project job item is changed) then changes can affect all other items.
For example, I have job plan as attached. It is configured from 2 main projects: file_transfer_service and nginx_proxy_configuration_update. It is configured and saved as You see. file_transfer_service project has some variables that can be empty during the deployment, therefore each project job item has Late configuration "Allow empty values" option checked. If I choose a first one project job item and change it's version I get version changed in all same project job items. That's Ok, as expected. But! The item I edited doesn't change any other configuration ("Allow empty values" option in Late configuration tab is still checked). But other items looses such settings. Live server items become automatically changed and "Allow empty values" are unchecked. Sometimes after version number is changed target servers in Live configuration are also reset to dev configurations.

Can You please check this issue? I can reproduce it. :) You should be able also.
By the way, we still work on 5.0.23 version. I'll update system in recent future. :)

Please let me know if You need any additional information.

Best regards,


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Hi Vadim,

Thanks for the further details of the issue. This time I could reproduce the error and solve it. This fix will be available in next release 5.0.26.

One thing to clarify, in the next release when you select a different version of the same project, old values of the late config entries are copied into the new loaded from the current version package but the entries not found in the selected package are removed from the new late entries. In other words:

Scenario A: Selected version is PKGA-0.0.11 and it has two late config entries: @VAR1@ and @VAR2@, when you select another version PKGA-0.0.12, it has only one late config entry, @VAR1@, so the new entries values are updated, @VAR2@ does not exist in PKGA-0.0.12, so this value is lost. If you back to the previuos version 0.0.11, @VAR@ will be displayed with no value.

Scwenario B: Selected version is PKGA-0.0.11 and it has two late config entries: @VAR1@ and @VAR2@, when you select another version PKGA-0.0.13, it has not late config entries, so all old values are lost. If you back to the previuos version 0.0.11, @VAR1@ and @VAR2@ will be displayed with no values.

If you have any doubt, please let me know.



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Hi Vadim,

RapidDeploy 5.0.26 is already out, so I'm closing this as resolved.

Please don't hesitate to open a new ticket if you need any further help.



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