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10:34 am RapidDeploy-Community Support #3653 (Feedback): Scheduled jobs stop executing
I setup special project for server clean up and scheduled it for each day to run. It was working for some t...


06:03 am RapidDeploy-Community Bug #3648 (Marked for Closure): Error message disappeares when applying bad job plan configuration
Noticed this earlier, but forgot to register. When configuring job plan item (doesn't matter is that promot...


06:06 am RapidDeploy-Community Support #3647 (Feedback): Project or Plan job start after server startup
Question regarding the specific job scheduling. :) Is it possible to trigger project or job plan execution ...
06:01 am RapidDeploy-Community Support #3646 (Feedback): Autonomous deployment on a remote server
Have maybe strange question regarding the deployment mechanism implementation. :) I understand that when de...


06:08 am RapidDeploy-Community Support #3644 (Feedback): Job plan project item settings reset automatically
Faced with a great problem. When configuring job plan and setting up project items (project jobs) some sett...
05:45 am RapidDeploy-Community Support #3643 (Feedback): Job plan fails when Rollback version package does not contain new target
I'm not sure if I didn't report it yet. But cannot find a ticket.
Problem is that when I edit project ad...


07:15 am RapidDeploy-Community Support #3642 (Feedback): Some thoughts about the project management
Hello Rafael.
This message is definitely for You. :)
You should remember our earlier discussions regarding same...


01:33 pm RapidDeploy-Community Support #3616: Problems with Git repository cloning task
Hi Rafael.
It definitely works. :) Don't see any problems for now. Think that ticket can be closed.
Thank You f...
05:34 am RapidDeploy-Community Feature #3573: Getting user data in deployment project
Hi Rafael.
Thank You very much! That looks great! :) Will be waiting for this feature to test it.
Best regards,...
05:32 am RapidDeploy-Community Support #3616: Problems with Git repository cloning task
Hi Rafael.
Sorry for delaying this ticket. Just am too busy to get back to it. I'll do my best to check it today a...

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