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Added by Vadim 3 months ago. Updated 22 days ago.

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Target version:RapidDeploy - 5.0-FIX
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Am working with system "build in Jenkins, deploy in RapidDeploy". Everything works perfectly. Just one thing could do better. :)
Function "rdProjectDeploy", which deploys project directly, without plan, sends all logs to Jenkins pipeline. A lot of information about manifests and other RapidDeploy data. It could be great to have possibility to eliminate full log and get summary information only. As it's done with "rdJobPlanRun" function - it has argument "showFullLogs". Or there could be no argument as in "rdPackageBuild" function. This information is really very specific and is not necessary on each casual deployment.

Thank You in advance!

Best regards,


#1 Updated by Rafael 3 months ago

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True Vadim, thanks! :-)

I'll put this into our roadmap.



#2 Updated by Rafael 2 months ago

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#3 Updated by Rafael about 1 month ago

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Hi Vadim,

This feature is finally out! :-)

Just update to the new 4.5 version of the RapidDeploy plugin for Jenkins:


Just a little warning: I'm pretty sure you were already calling a RapidDeploy job plan from Jenkins, if this is the case, please check the configuration of the Jenkins job as the "Show Full Logs" checkbox has now a different name and a different purpose.

Let me know if you like it! :-)

And feel free to close this ticket when you test it, otherwise I'll just time it out in a few days time.



#4 Updated by Vadim about 1 month ago

Hi Rafael.

Great news! Thank You very much! I'll check my codes, update plugin and test it. Will inform You in case of any problems.

Best regards,

#5 Updated by Rafael about 1 month ago

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#6 Updated by Vadim 30 days ago

Hi Rafael.

Finally got back to the plugin to update it. But cannot find any description of a new version. :) No changelog also is attached to the plugin. And I cannot see any new code on GitHub. :) Can You please check if it is really released.

Please let me know.

Best regards,

#7 Updated by Rafael 29 days ago

Hi Vadim,

It's true I haven't provided any changelog, when they are small changes and fixes like this I just don't bother, plus, a few months ago they migrated the Jenkins plugin documentation site from the Jenkins Wiki to the GitHub pages, and I haven't done this yet, so I can't really add or modify anything in our Jenkins plugin documentation page:


Although in that same page you can see how the last release was the version 4.5, 2 weeks ago.

And also if you check the GitHub plugin site:


You can also see the last commits a couple of weeks ago.

Maybe you checked it somewhere else?

In any case, you should only need to go to the "Plugin Manager" section of the Jenkins administration page and check the "Available updates" tab to see there's a new version of the RapidDeploy plugin.

Anyway, let me know if you have any problem and I'll try to help you!



#8 Updated by Vadim 22 days ago

Hi Rafael,

As we discussed through the call, please put some description about the changes in Jenkins plugin from the pipeline side: which parameters were added, which were changed. :)

Thank You!

Best regards,

#9 Updated by Rafael 22 days ago

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Hi Vadim,

You're right, I actually didn't make this feature extensible to the Jenkins pipeline option, I need to implement this!

Regarding the documentation of each field, I just realised they are actually described generically in the "Tasks" section right before the "Jenkins Pipeline steps" one:


In any case, it would really nice to have an example of each possible pipeline step and a better explanation, and I also need to add a description for the new "Show full log" field though. :-)

Thanks for reminding, leave it on me, I'll keep you posted on any update! :-)



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