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Requesting TNS credentials

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Image:WebSphere Portal Server 8.5 Your Marketplace Account ID:6458-5515-7746
Operating System:RHEL 7.4 Marketplace:Amazon Web Services
JRE:All Customer State:Dubai
Instance Type:m3.medium Customer Country:UAE


Hi Team,

With regards to the data migration we are in need of TNS credentials of database. So that my developers starts the migrations for default database to Oracle.

Please provide the above details so that we start the migrations if it available within the installation folders please let us know the path directory.


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Hi Teodie,

Portal Server is installed by default with Apache Derby Database.
There is no need for db user and db password.

You can transfer your database to Oracle:

You can just specify your own database connection details and change data in /opt/IBM/WebSphere/wp_profile/ConfigEngine/properties/ folder.

Mariusz Chwalek

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Mariusz Chwalek

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