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Image:WebSphere AS - ND 9.0 Your Marketplace Account ID:0000-0000-0000
Operating System:Linux Marketplace:Amazon Web Services
JRE:v1.8 JRE/JDK 64-Bit Customer State:London
Instance Type:Any Customer Country:United Kingdom


Hi, I have a MidVision WAS ND AMI Instance that I've deployed some applications to and all is working fine (if a bit slow at the moment), in the logs I've noticed a lot of the following type of messages - setFoundClass Replacing found class of [[Ljava/lang/Object;)Lcom/google/common/collect/FluentIterable; ] [ ( append ) ]; prior found class [ ($9 ) ]; new found class [ ($1 ) ]
it's not something I've seen before in my previous WAS ND installations, it's also something that I think has only started in the last few days and seems to make the app server start up take a much longer time.
I have increased logging level for the diagnostic trace, but these are coming in SystemOut.log
My permissions in AWS are limited and the AMI has been provisioned for me and I only have SSH access so I'm probably not going to be able to tell you some of the information required to discuss the issue at the moment, but if you tell me what you need then I can find the information.


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Hi Richard,

First of all, thanks for using our images, I hope you're enjoying your experience! :-)

I have done some research myself, but couldn't really find any useful information about this strange "Replacing found class" warning message. So I contacted the IBM team, and this is what they told me:

re: Replacing found classes.

We received your new case. For the ecs warning messages, when we have seen these in the past it has either been as result of application change or tracing may have been left active.

We recommend to customers in these types of situations is to disable automatic start of the Applications, start the JVM and once you see the message "Server open for e-business" in the SystemOut.log, start each application manually. In that way you can follow the start of each application separately in the logs and have a good chance of determining which application the warning messages are associated with and thereby determine reason for the slow start.

Can you try that please and recheck for any running traces.

Can you please try that and let me know if it is useful?



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That's great, thanks. I will try out those things and get back to you if I find I still have issues. At the moment we're in a development phase and it's not a particular concern. There are probably traces running which do not need to be.

With regard to the experience of running your VM's I have a couple of things I'd like to mention, the first is a comment on the MQ image, whenever I switch to the mqm user it prompts me asking if I want to run the console. I very very rarely want to run the console and often I'm switching to mqm as part of a script. I'd prefer not to mess too much myself with the profiles you have configured. I notice for other application identity users you have flag files like .firstrun or .dontask, could you do that for mqm (and in fact I think you should have it as standard practice to have a don't prompt me again option)

The second is a question, currently my AWS cloud is locked down and I can't access the site rapiddeploy uses for plugins. I'm progressing this through my security dept. In the mean time, can you tell me whether IHS is a plugin available for your WAS ND images? I think it should be as a sub-component of WAS, but without access to the available plugins I can't tell.

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Hi Richard,

Keep me posted on the IBM logging requirement so I can tell the IBM people.

Regarding the "mqm" user prompt, thanks for your suggestion! We will definitely discuss a "don't ask again" option. We do provide it for some other AMIs, I'm not sure why it was not included here.

As a workaround, just edit the ".bash_profile" file in the "mqm" home folder and remove or comment (by adding '#' at the beginning of the line) the following snippet of code:

if [ -f $mqInstalled ]; then
    export BASH_PROFILE_RUN=true
    echo -n "Run the IBM WebSphere MQ menu? [y/n]: " 
    read reply
    if [[ $reply != "n" ]]; then

This will prevent the prompt and you'll still be able to run the configuration menu again at any time by typing "menu" at any moment.

Regarding RapidDeploy, it's great you're actually using it! I'll be really happy to show you a demo of the tool if you'd like to! :-)

The plugins of RapidDeploy can be installed manually by downloading them from our public repository:

Copy the specific ZIP/JAR file into the plugin/lib folder, depending on the RapidDeploy version, and restarting the server.

You have information about the IHS specific tasks in the following link:

And again, I'll be really happy to have a quick chat about the power of RapidDeploy and the different tasks you can perform, just let me know and I'll set up a call!



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Hi Rafael, our Security have cleared and whitelisted the URL*
But now I get this with nothing happening until session timeout -

Hi Richard,

You will also need to allow connections to "*".

Let me also mention, we have a few plugins that can not be publicly accessible as they contain some proprietary code in them so we can just provide them under certain licencing conditions. These are just:

  • IBM DataPower
  • IBM WebSphere MQ
  • IBM WebSphere Message Broker
  • IBM Integration Bus
  • IBM App Connect

I think it's only those, but I may forget some. Just let me know if you have any particular requirement and I'll be really happy to help you! :-)



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Hi Rafael, the whitelisting has been done and the particular requirement we have is to put IBM HTTP Server on the WAS ND box that we have.
I don’t see IHS as an available plugin so I’m not sure how to progress.
At the moment our live service is running in UK Cloud and all the IBM licensing and software is being provided through IBM Passport Advantage, so when it comes to optional components I am able to download them by logging onto the IBM website.
The proposal for the future is that we are using Midvision AMI’s for provisioning IBM middleware and the licensing is dealt with that way rather than Passport Advantage, as a result I would lose access to the IBM downloads and IHS.

Hi Richard,

I'm really happy you chose to use our MidVision AMI's! :-)

Regarding the IHS plugin, you just need to install any of the IBM WebSphere Application Server plugins depending on the version you are using. Remember you can find documentation related to the tasks in the following links, depending on the version you are using:

WAS 9:
WAS 8.5:
WAS 8:
WAS 7:

When it comes to IBM licensing, at the moment you start using our MidVision images, you're entitled with whatever the product license is. If you need any IBM component included in the licence you're already paying for, don't worry, we will provide it for you.

Let me know if you'd like to have a further guidance on this or any other topic.



#8 Updated by Rafael about 1 month ago

Hi Richard,

I just forgot to mention we already provide stand-alone images for IHS in case this is something you'd like to consider:

We also provide the possibility to create new images on demand with required versions of IBM software if the specific one you need is not already offered.

I think it would be very useful if we can hold a quick chat so you can tell me what are your requirements and expectations for these and future MidVision images on AWS. Just let me know when is a good moment for you and I'll set up a call.



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Hi Richard,

As the initial reason for this ticket was solved and there hasn't been any update lately, I'm going to mark it for closure and close it in a few days time if there's no further enquiry.

Please do not hesitate to open a new ticket if you have any other request.



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