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Firmware upgrade

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Image:IBM DataPower - 7.5 Your Marketplace Account ID:4869-4792-7961
Operating System:Linux Marketplace:Amazon Web Services
JRE:Not Applicable Customer State:Surrey
Instance Type:t2.large Customer Country:UK


Hi, this is a general query about DataPower firmware upgrades in AWS. My questions are:
1. Like previous questions about WebSphere on the forum, is it better to upgrade manually by uploading the desired firmware version and then booting the image, or would it be better to re-deploy?
2. If I re-deploy, can I import my config?
3. I upgraded the firmware by uploading then booting the image from the GUI and all is well. However, the usage tab in AWS still shows that I am running DataPower and not the new firmware ( Further, AWS marketplace now offers a NON-PROD version which is what we are deploying. Is it better to redeploy to the new NON-PROD offering and will it save cost?


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Hi Madeleine,

Thank you for using our IBM Datapower AMIs on AWS Marketplace.
First of all I would like to suggest creating backup image before you upgrade the firmware. It is always recommended to make sure you don't loose anything if somehow the upgrade will not be successful.

1. I think upgrading it from GUI is the easiest way, but I am not sure what exactly you mean by re-deploying? Do you mean starting completely new AWS instance with higher version?
2. It is possible to export and then import datapower configuration. You can find more information here:
3. Could you possibly explain which usage tab in AWS shows you this info?
You need to remember that even if you upgrade the firmware the original AMI of your ec2-instance remains (and probably this is the reason you still see on this usage tab). It also means that your costs will remain the same.

In order to be charged with NON-PROD price you will need to launch a new ec2-instance based on DataPower NON-PROD AMI and then import your configuration.

For your information. We have plans to publish the newest versions of DataPower in one of next sprints.
To help to speed up this process you can request a new AMI with specific version from here :

Kind Regards,
Mariusz Chwalek

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Thanks Mariusz. That answers my questions. This can be closed.

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I am happy I could help you.
Do not hesitate to raise new tickets if you have any other questions.

Mariusz Chwalek

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