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MQ Web Console becomes unavailable in MidVision RapidDeploy for MQ v9.1 on Ubuntu deployment.

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Yesterday I subscribed to and launched the MidVision RapidDeploy for MQ v9.1 on Ubuntu (ami-0f806afb39ad460ba) through AWS marketplace (AWS account 452761615926).
After launching the instance and creating required security groups, I was able to SSH to the instance and complete the MQ Web Console setup. I was then able to log into the MQ Web Console (via internal IP URL, port 9443), create a Queue manager, a queue and a test message.

However this morning, I can no longer access the MQ web console (connection refused) using the same internal https URL as yesterday. I am still able to SSH to the instance as well as access and log into the RapidDeploy console and view the dashboard.

The Instance was never rebooted and other than the initial SSH session being closed (the one used to complete the MQ web Console setup as mqm user), I'm not aware of any other reason the MQ Web console (or related processes) would terminate or become unavailable.

Are there system status utility scripts or logs I should look at to review why the Web Console is no longer accessible?


multi-instance-qm-systemd (3.14 KB) multi-instance-qm-systemd Mariusz, 07/19/2021 07:17 AM
multi-instance-qm.service (576 Bytes) multi-instance-qm.service Mariusz, 07/19/2021 07:17 AM

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Updated by Greg 2 months ago

UPDATE: I tried rebooting the instance but I still was not able to connect to the MQ Web Console. I then connected to the instance via SSH, sudo'd to the mqm user and manually executed the script (answering y again to create/start the MQ Web Console question).
After the script completed, I was able to successfully access the MQ Web Console again and noticed that the Queue Manager was in a stopped state.

So the question remains, why did the MQ Web Console process stop in the first place?

Also, is there a way to ensure the MQ Web Console and Queue Managers restart automatically after a reboot?


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Hi Greg,

I hope you're enjoying your experience with our images on the AWS Marketplace! :-)

I think this is a known problem we're already working on for a fix. Can you confirm if you're experiencing the same as in ticket #3821?

About starting the console and queue managers after reboot I thought it was the behaviour by default, but I'll ask my team to confirm.




Updated by Mariusz 2 months ago

Hi Greg,

We are investigating the problem with MQ Web Console becoming unavailable after logout.
As a workaround you can just use /opt/mqm/bin/strmqweb command to start it again manually.

We didn't add a feature to automatically start web console and queue managers when the instance is started, because we want to let the users create their own configuration. Some of them create many queue managers and don't want to start them all when the instance is starting.

If you would like to ensure the MQ Web Console and Queue Managers restart automatically after a reboot you will need to create start/shutdown configuration.
Please take a look at how we start/stop rapiddeploy when the instance is starting. Basically there are two important files:


which defines the service and

which has all necessary commands to start the rapiddeploy.

Your start/shutdown configuration could be similar.
Take a look at the example we use for RHEL linux for multi instance QMs. It should give you some idea how it can be configured.



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Problem with MQ Web Console has been fixed in the newest version published on AWS Marketplace.


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