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Getting user data in deployment project

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Am not sure if I didn't ask this question in our conversations, but faced again and don't get answer in manuals. Is it possible to get out the user data (name, e-mail, etc.) inside the task? I mean the user that triggered task execution. It could be great to get it during task execution to be able to inform user about the task fail for example. At this time I have to pass user e-mail from the outside.

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Hi Vadim,

This is indeed related to #3561 as the best approach would be to use one of our web services.

You can retrieve the information of a certain user with a GET request to the following URL:


There's some more information here:

And a full list of web services here:

The limitation here comes to where you can get the user name from. You can obviously send it from Jenkins to RapidDeploy, but it would be much more elegant to have it already in the RapidDeploy orchestration.

We already provide a list of built-in variables you can use in your deployments:

But the RapidDeploy user name is not one of them - don't mix it with "${USER_NAME}" that's the OS user.

Mariano is now investigating if there's an easy way of retrieving this information and making it available in the orchestration. If so, we will implement this new feature, although I can't confirm you yet.

I'll keep you posted with any update on this, although you can already call the web service with a user name sent from Jenkins.




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Hi Vadim,

Along with #3561, this feature was finally implemented! :-)

It will be released with RapidDeploy 5.0.24, but you can already think about the best approach to use it.

The same way as with #3561 you can use the "REST Service Call" task to retrieve the user information with a GET call to the following URL:


In this case you need to use the "${JOB_USER}" built-in variable in the orchestration as specified here:

This REST call needs authentication, so you would need a configuration in the "REST Service Call" task such as this:

restServiceURL = http://localhost:9090/MidVision/ws/user/${JOB_USER}
headerParamsSplitRegex = ,
headerKeyValueSplitRegex = :
headerParamsValue = Authorization:bXZhZG1pbjp7X01WQEVOQyNffVdHLzFmNVMreVpRPQ==

Please bear in mind you need to set all the "header" resources in order for the task to apply the headers during the call.

And remember you can also pass the ${JOB_USER} variable along the job plan to other future projects using the "Set Job Plan Variable" and the "Get Job Plan Variable" tasks.

I hope this is useful for you, and remember all feedback is very welcome to us! :-)




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Hi Rafael.

Thank You very much! That looks great! :) Will be waiting for this feature to test it.

Best regards,


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Hi Vadim,

RapidDeploy 5.0.24 is already out, if you don't have anything else to add in this ticket we'll just close it in a few days time. :-)




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